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    Divorce Real Estate

    Divorce Real Estate

    Unlock Your New Normal Real Estate Services for Divorcing Homeowners

    Get Control of Your Future

    Where are you going to live?
    What will your new routine be like?
    How will you afford to feel secure again?

    It’s time to get some answers.
    Divorce Real Estate
    the Bleeding
    Divorce Real Estate
    a Timeline
    Divorce Real Estate
    Estimate Your
    Net Proceeds
    Divorce Real Estate
    Let Us Shoulder
    the Stress
    Divorce Real Estate
    Start Your
    Life's 2.0

    Your House Holds
    the Key to Unlocking Your Future​​


    Making a decision on the house is the first step to your financial future.


    Getting out of limbo allows you to protect your mental sanity.


    For kids, the house represents the next step for school, friends, and their new normal.


    Without handling the house, you can't move on. The house is closure.

    Divorce Real Estate

    This isn't business as usual.

    The real estate portion of your case deserves an expert, the same as every other aspect of your case. Without a specialized expert:

    • Conflict can escalate

    • ​​
    • Attorney fees can get out of hand

    • ​​
    • Your well-being is left in peril

    Not because they mean to cause harm, but because they don’t know any other way, non-specialized Realtors apply the traditional processes of real estate in divorce transactions— and that doesn’t work.

    It’s all about you...

    You're at the center of everything we do.
    We are obsessed with protecting the bottom line of divorcing homeowners, and closing the door to a painful experience —so that you can find your new place in the world.

    Divorce Real Estate

    Equal treatment between all clients — we don't pick sides.

    Divorce Real Estate
    Listing Process

    Customized for divorce listings so that problems are prevented.

    Divorce Real Estate
    Marketing Strategy

    Marketing campaigns that place your property above the rest.

    Divorce Real Estate

    Cost Advance Program that advances improvement costs to be reimbursed at closing.

    Divorce Real Estate

    Everyone kept on the same page so no one is left in the dark.

    Divorce Real Estate
    Court Appointed

    When Court-appointed, we dutifully ensure all orders are followed.

    Divorce Real Estate
    Sabotage Escalation

    If someone deviates from the plan, our escalation protocol gets things back on track.

    Divorce Real Estate

    You will know how long it will take to sell and when you will have to move.

    Our success is your success.

    Our listings
    sell 4X
    faster than
    the average
    sell 99% of
    the listings
    we take.
    business is
    100% referral-
    We sell
    than the
    Divorce Real Estate

    How It All Began...

    Divorce presents a myriad of challenges, particularly when real estate assets are involved. The intricacies of selling or dividing a property amidst such circumstances can exponentially compound the complexity.

    Drawing from personal experience, I understand the unique demands of assisting homeowners navigating the sale or division of property during divorce proceedings. It became evident early on that this specialized area of real estate transactions necessitated a distinct skill set and a nuanced understanding beyond conventional listings. Through hands-on experience, I observed common pitfalls encountered by individuals embroiled in family law cases, which often resulted in significant financial repercussions for clients.

    Equipped with comprehensive training in the nuances of divorce-related listings, my approach centers on principles of impartiality, effective communication, and empowering divorcing parties to navigate this transitional period with greater ease. By adhering to these principles, I have facilitated smoother transitions, minimized court involvement, heightened attorney awareness, reduced costs, optimized property valuations, and streamlined processes to ensure ongoing progress in both the listing and legal proceedings.

    My team and I are steadfast advocates committed to safeguarding our clients' interests. Should you choose to collaborate with us, rest assured, we will fiercely advocate for you as you navigate the journey towards establishing your new normal.

    Stipulation & CV

    Kaleena Schumacher is a distinguished authority in divorce real estate, widely revered within her industry as a trailblazer in this specialized field. With over a decade of active engagement as a REALTOR®️, she has consistently ranked among the Top 1% of REALTORS®️ nationwide for the past ten years, a testament to her unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence.

    As a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRETM), Ms. Schumacher has undergone rigorous training through a program dedicated to refining, mentoring, and standardizing the role of divorce real estate professionals. Her credentials extend beyond traditional real estate representation, as she serves as a seasoned expert witness and trained neutral in family law cases pertaining to real estate matters. In this capacity, she offers invaluable insights, guidance, and expert testimony in complex legal proceedings, while also providing comprehensive fair market valuations.

    Acknowledging the intricacies inherent in listing properties amidst divorce proceedings, Ms. Schumacher has developed a tailored approach to the divorce listing process. This methodology is meticulously crafted to anticipate, preempt, and mitigate potential conflicts, fostering streamlined efficiency and optimizing property values. Acting as a neutral listing agent, she ensures impartiality and fairness, thereby engendering trust and confidence among all involved parties.

    Ms. Schumacher's dedication to excellence, coupled with her specialized expertise in divorce real estate, positions her as a trusted ally for individuals navigating the complexities of property division during divorce. Through her adept guidance and unwavering advocacy, she empowers clients to navigate this transitional period with confidence and clarity.

    Kaleena Schumacher

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    No one has more
    experience than we do in
    divorce real estate.


    Using a sliding scale, our
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    affordable and customized
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